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When's the last time you saw a breath taking photograph of yourself? Have a glorious birthday coming up or just having a trip with friends and want to celebrate with a big bang? Your life is absolutely worth celebrating! We all say "when I lose that last ten pounds", "maybe next year", but none of that matters to those that love us. At the end of the day these are not only the images you will hang on your walls but an incredible, once in a life time experience to treasure forever.  
*Above: Vera Wang bridal in Louisiana.

*Consultation to go over how you dream of being photographed
*We meet in Scotland for this discounted offer (you cover your own travel and accommodations)
*Large gift box of special goodies based on the destination
*Access to Designer gowns
*We location hop through the day to change looks/wardrobe like a fashion model
*Refreshment provided as we shoot and of course we will stop for a lunch somewhere to enjoy the culture!
*Video of your experience set to music
*Luxury print products, relaxation, and laughter!
*Payment plans available or receive an extra gift for booking in full   
Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?!

Have you ever dreamed of being photographed glamorously in the Scottish highlands? Black Label is a destination, full experience Vanity Fair style photo shoot. I am giving THREE SPOTS only at Half Off the Black Label pricing!

Bridal Boudoir

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